Another Late Entrant

While on a recognizance mission today I discovered Carniceria y Taqueria Laura on 1051 N. Ashland. Although primarily a supermarket, I went inside and confirmed that it does in fact contain a small taqueria with a few tables. I can't possibly exclude it; one of the aims of the burrito bracket is to pit well-known destinations against mom-and-pop establishments. Besides, it has "taqueria" in its name!

Therefore, we need to improvise a bit, and the natural thing to do is to pit it off in a play-in game against Supermercado Guanajuato up the block, which is also a traditional supermarket with a built-in taco shop. These taquerias have been designated #14a and #14b respectively; the winner will assume the 14 seed proper and face off against corporate monolith Chipotle. This whole area of the bracket has become "non-traditional" involving two supermarkets, the only major chain in the competition, and a Costa Rican restaurant; should all be very interesting. The bracket and map have been updated accordingly.

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