Burrito Burr-ocracy

This upcoming week features the first of three "eat-in" matches, in this case between Dona Naty's Taco and Carniceria Leon for possession of the #12 seed. The reason for the "eat-in" matches (a takeoff on the "play-in" matches used in the NCAA basketball tournament) is explained in some detail on the WTF/FAQ page (you guys really seem to love these new navigation elements, by the way, based on the traffic patterns that I'm seeing). Basically, we need a way to get down from 19 taquerias to 16.

The format of the eat-in matches will otherwise resemble that which you've grown accustomed to: I'll eat the same item at each restaurant and declare a winner. The winner of the eat-in match will then advance into the first round proper, where it will face off against Taqueria Super Burrito next week.

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